Brand : Hopkins

In the Blind and Shutter Industry, the name Hopkins has been synonymous with quality, innovation and service since 1750. Originally established as suppliers and manufacturers of brassware for blind makers, it continued to supply parts for both Roller and Venetian Blinds until the 1960s.<br /><br />Today the company carries one of the world's most extensive selections of products and parts for traditional or contemporary blinds and shutters. Those seeking that elusive bit would be well advised to try Hopkins first, it could save a lot of time and trouble. Hopkins is also the place to come if you need a part that is a little bit different from the norm, or if you have a design problem that needs solving. We use the latest technology, enhanced by knowledge gained over 250 years in the business, to provide the solution to the most complex blind or shutter requirement. Finally, and very importantly, we believe in offering value for money, and quality service that meets the needs of the most demanding customer!<p><br /></p>


OEM Part No: 10584

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