1.75" Duplex Spring Assembly - 15g/16g Spring - 30" Rod

Stock Code: DS17150P30

Please allow 10-15 working days

Hopkins 1.75" Soft ASction Duplex Spring Assembly 15g spring on 16g spring - 30" long

For use in Cap and Rack blinds and, also, in blinds with long drops as the duplex spring means that it will achieve in excess of the number of turns as a spring twice its length while reducing the torque giving a soft action. Suitable for wider blinds or those with heavier fabric. These assemblies are the pinnacle of spring design for roller blinds. This product fits AT17 1.75" aluminium tube available in 5 m lengths. For idle end use HOP1082C17 1.75" Compression Dummy Spindle HOP108RC 1.75" Ratchet Action Dummy Spindle or for ultimate control HOP1082CAP 1.75" Cap and Rack Dummy Spindle Suitable brackets are available. To suit this spring assembly, we recommend HOP1030D 7" 'Square' Strap Bracket though we can machine our rods to suit your existing brackets.

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