Somfy Orea LT50, 35Nm, 17 Rpm, WT (hard wired)

Stock Code: OREA35WT

OEM Part No: 1116171

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Orea WT : - The optimal and soft closing of your cassette awning to enhance lifetime of fabric and allow fabric to remain tight once unrolled. Benefits for professionals

Easy integration & wiring

  • 1 single reference for left or right mounting
  • Removable cable / 4 cables standard wiring
  • Star head: 6 possibilities to orientate the motor’s head
  • Parallel wiring installation possible (max of 3 motors recommended)

Setting from a distance by switch

  • Automatic up end limit
  • Down end limit set from a switch (or WT setting tool)
  • Visual feedback of the product to confirm any step of setting and programming
  • Advanced functions to customize motor according to your awnings specificities

Tool compatibility

  • EMS Tool
  • WT setting tool
  • Universal setting cable
  • WT setting cable

Increased reliability

  • Always the same projection even after years
  • Long life of the product thanks to Somfy specific functions
  • Automatic stop in case of tube lock
  • Exclusive power failure
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