Somfy Altus, 6Nm, 17 Rpm, With Radio Receiver

Stock Code: ALTUS6/17

OEM Part No: 1032444

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Tubular motor 230 V/ 50 Hz, with built-in receiver.

Reception range: 20 metres through 2 concrete walls.

Easy commissioning wirelessly using the remote control.

Adjustable intermediate position is possible.

1 Altus RTS tubular motor can be controlled wirelessly from a maximum 12 wirelesscontrols and 3 RTS sensors.

Not applicable with relay boxes, standard switches and standard controls.

Not suitable for continuous use and with the ABS systems.

Limit switch capacity 250 revolutions (Altus 50 RTS) and 200 revolutions (Altus 60 RTS).

Series Altus 50 fits in a tube with a minimum inner diameter of 47 mm, with the Altus 60 it is 60 mm.

Supplied as standard with a white 3-core (VVF) cable. length 3 m. Axial and radial cable outlet.

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