Cherubini Wave Lock RX tubular motor 120Nm, 11rpm Ø58

Stock Code: AET58121125

OEM Part No: AET58121125

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Cherubini Wave Lock RX tubular motor 120Nm, 11rpm. 58mm diameter

ELECTRONIC LIMIT SWITCH WITH BUILT-IN RECEIVER, WIRE AND RADIO CONTROL Wave Lock RX was created to be adapted with great flexibility to all horizontal or vertical awnings equipped with automatic coupling. Electronic programming of the coupling excursion and stretching force ensures consistent operation over time.

ATTACHMENT WITHOUT BRACKETS Thanks to the metallic head, the motor can be fastened directly to the bracket.

SPECIFIC FUNCTIONS "Super-sensitivity" function on obstacle detection, set by remote control, setting on 3 levels possible (only for 15-25 Nm). Obstacle detection up-wards, sensitivity setting on 3 levels possible. Automatic programmable awning coupling and uncoupling system. Possibility of memorising the automatic coupling and uncoupling of the awning even in the intermediate position. Torque control for the stop in closing position of cassette awnings. Setting possible with remote control or wired switch.

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