gaposa safety brakes

Safety Brakes

The safety bake is as safety device for rolling shutter without springs Performing two functions:

1 A bearing Support for the shutters Shaft. 2 A Mechanical brake to arrest the fall of the shutter, when sudden acceleration occurs.

All the breaks s are plated or treated for rust minimisation, and the breaks consist of a central body with a hollow socket (for the roller shaft) and a floating bracket which mitigates tube eccentricity (Except M1A/H and P200).

The Gaposa sfety brakes are equipped with a patented shock absorber system and a micro switch for disconnecting the electrical supply to the motor when the break engages.

To select the best model for your application it is essential to understand the following terms

Nominal Torque

This the working torque of the break and your motor must be rated below this value for your chosen brake.

Locking Torque

This is the maximum amount for torque that will go through the break when the brake engages.

Working Speed

This is the Max speed (Rpm) that the break can run at without engaging so you must insure that roller does not exceed this speed in normal operation.


OEM Part No: AXCS1810125



OEM Part No: AXCR101225



OEM Part No: AXCR10125



OEM Part No: AXCL1810125



OEM Part No: AXCL18101225



OEM Part No: PCM10A



OEM Part No: PCM30A



OEM Part No: PCM3A



OEM Part No: PCM2A



OEM Part No: p200m

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