Gaposa XQ40 tubular motor electronic encoded

Stock Code: GXQ4J914

OEM Part No: XQ4J914

Please allow 10-15 working days

9Nm, 14rpm, electronic encoded motor Tubular motor with obstacle detection and automatic limit setting for ZIP-screens SENSE ZIP motors for ZIP-screens require upper torque stop (usually cassette) and specific adapters (see page 70). The selection of the right torque is according to the screen size and to its weight, both essential elements for the motor overload protection.

Smart Features

Downward high sensitive obstacle detection Reverse function when an obstacle is detected Overload protection upwards 3 limit setting modes: automatic, semi-automatic, manual Self-learning limit positions when set in automatic mode Motor reset and deactivation of the mode by using a normal switch Smooth stop at the upper limit Available also in type for the quietest operation

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