Somfy Plug G-Type, 300W


OEM Part No: 2401524


What is Indoor plug G-type RTS ?

This remote controlled power outlet with ON/OFF function is used to control remotely lighting and electrical appliances. The power outlet is easy to use, plug the receiver into the electrical outlet and turn on or off the lighting with your smartphone/tablet with the Connexoon RTS* box or the Smart Home box TaHoma*. The power outlets can also be controlled by a Somfy handset, eg. Telis remote control. The power outlet is also equipped with an on/off button on the front.

Advantages: - Easy to install in your syste - Controls both lighting and electrical appliances. - Simple and comfortable use.

  • Sold separately

Remote controlled power switch for control of lamps or other electrical equipment. Compatible with all Somfy RTS remote controls, Connexoon RTS and Tahoma. Radio range, maximum 30 m. The number of controllers that can be connected is limited to 4 pcs. Max 3000 W. G-type socket.

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