Somfy Electrical Safety Edge Strip 2100mm-2199

Stock Code: SOESES22

OEM Part No: 2300415

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• The safety edge is cut to select sizes to ensure all requirements are met also the internal switch is RF welded for extra protection. • The rubber material is EPDM which is resilient to weather and environmental changes, maintaining its shape and flexibility • The shape of the lower rubber is for two main reasons: • 1.The fins on the bottom edge are to help provide a weather seal and allow for variations in the floor. • 2. The triangular section above them also helps with sealing but the shape is primarily there to concentrate any pressure from the bottom of the rubber directly onto the centre line of the switch inside the safety edge rubber, so making it more responsive. • The next section up is designed to carry the inner switch, protecting it from damage and ensuring it is held in place

made to order so lead time is extended

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