Somfy Smoke sensor io

Stock Code: SOSMOKE

OEM Part No: 2401368


Smoke sensor io detects presence of smoke and informs to the inhabitants via a loud siren. Three functions:

Autonomous: in case of smoke detection, activates the built-in siren (85dB).

Connected: when the house contains multiple identical smoke sensors, these all communicate and the built-in siren will sound in all sensors to warn the inhabitants.

Smart Home: when the smoke sensor is attached to TaHoma, connected products can be automatically controlled in case of smoke detection, for example internal blinds can be opened and lights turned on to create an escape route and users can be warned via e-mail or push message to their smartphone.

Informs in case of smoke detection with a loud siren (85 decibel) Automatically connected to other identical Somfy smoke sensors io. In case of smoke detection, all smoke sensors will sound. For example, should smoke be detected in the kitchen, inhabitants are always warned in other areas of the house if more smoke sensors are available in the rooms. Conne

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