Geiger Softplus - QI. 6nm, 16rpm. COM Head

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6Nm, 16rpm COM head For cassette awnings

Characteristics: GEIGER radio system The unidirectional radio system with high range also enables to address receivers that are comparatively far away. Because of its delimited programming level (programming area/near range) unintentional changes of the end positions/motor settings due to the end user are excluded. Driving range detection While driving, the motor recognises the driving range in which it is located. As a result it works with as much or as little force as really needed in the respective driving range. In the break point area of the awning, the SoftPlusWireless-QI is exceptionally powerful, but especially sensitive in the closing area. This ensures a long service life of the system. Hanging protection The integrated sensitive motor intelligence ensures that Obstacle detection in UP direction the system is protected during retraction.
Blocking detection in DOWN direction the system is protected during extension.

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