Geiger GJ56 SMI Interface 10Nm, 20rpm

Stock Code: GE07SMI-GJ5610

OEM Part No: M56F2830

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10Nm, 26rpm Electronic drive for Venetian blinds For Venetian Blinds Characteristics: Dynamic torque shutdown The self-learning torque shutdown detects changes in the blind and adapts itself accordingly to ensure constant driving behaviour. SMI The G-56 E07 SMI is the first drive of the G-56 series to communicate seamlessly without actuators by using the SMI interface protocol. The SMI protocol is well-established on the market and represents a standardised interface of building automation for the control of sun protection systems. Hanging protection
Antifreeze protection Venetian blinds that are frozen on the end rail are detected and not torn off.
Obstacle detection in UP direction Protection of the system during retraction.
Safety shutdown The G-56 E0; series features a limit stop switch. It functions as an emergency button and protects the installation from damage.

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