Gaposa Rapid Rise motors

Gaposa Rapido Drives for rapid doors:

RAPIDO is made in accordance with product standards EN 13241-1 Doors- and EN 12453 Safety for power operated doors. DUTY RATING There is a relation between the weight of the door and the number of movements per hour so the motor duty rating varies according to the door weight. OVERLOAD SAFETY FACTOR Motor overload safety factor = 4 x the nominal motor amperage because the starting current of the RAPIDO can reach these levels for short periods. OUTPUT SPEED The maximum admissible speed depends on the construction and the door type. The admissible closing speed shall be tuned so to let the operating forces comply with the EN 12453. MANUAL OPERATION Rapido is supplied with hand crank for manual operation when power cuts off. is made up of: A worm gear with hollow shaft An integrated safety brake An emergency manual operation Integrated limit switches An electric motor All models are provided with an electromagnetic brake which stops suddendly the inertia of the motor. ADDITIONAL DETAILS DESCRIPTION DRIVES FOR RAPID DOORS 133

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