Gaposa Side One Motor, 650Nm, 11 Rpm - with handcrank

Stock Code: GLP650T

OEM Part No: LP65011TMM

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Sidone is a drive unit for rolling doors designed for a direct drive installation.

Sidone is made up of: - A worm gear with hollow shaft - An integrated safety brake - An emergency manual operation - Integrated limit switches - An electric motor

The self-braking worm gear makes the Sidone irreversible. No need for an electric brake.

EUROPEAN DIRECTIVES Sidone is made in accordance with product standards EN 13241-1 Doors- and EN 12453 Safety for power operated doors.

Recently the mechanical limit switch of all Sidone motors have been upgraded. Two extra cams for auxiliary functions have now been added So Sideone motors with mechanical limits will feature 6 cams this model features an override with handcrank

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